Board News


  ELECTED BOARD of DIRECTORS  (term 2022-2023)

  President....................Sylvain Richer

  1st Vice-President........Marco Scichilone

  2nd Vice-President.......Ronald Chamberlain

  Secretary/Treasurer.....Claude E. Chiasson


Club Directors Meeting, August 10-2022

Although formal directors' monthly meetings were replaced by telephone conferencing and e-mails due to covid for 2022, a formal sit-down meeting was held by the club directors on Aug 10.  All directors were in attendance along with John Stewart of the maintenance committee to basically check the status of club and range facilities.  All is in good order financially; membership is up 30 members and the range is in good shape due to planned maintenance. 

Plans call for re-installing the last rifle bench (cement bench, we require quite a few bodies due to the weight), laying some sort of foam or rubber covering on all the rifle tables (to protect from wood splinters) and we also plan to add another layer of 6x6 pressure treated hemlock to the rifle range back stop to increase the height by 30cm and to brush out and replace signage on the to the safety boundary this fall.  Both are required for our range inspection/certification due next year. The signage has already been purchased. 

 Also, the conference room for the December AGM has been reserved. 


Club Directors Meeting, 10 of June at the Madran range.

The club directors met at the range Friday, June 10 to inspect the range work carried out to date and plan what is still required for next year’s (2023) range certification inspection.  We required heavy equipment to move crushed rock for forest fire beaks, fill in low spots, trim excess material from the berms and add crushed rock to the access road. Timing was important, after the snow melt and before vegetation started growing. One of our members, Robbin Dailey was able to fit us into his company’s schedule. It was much appreciated and the range looks really nice.  All in all, the range is in pretty good shape.

We still require brushing out and replace range signs on our boundary, add another row of  6x6 rail ties to the rifle bullet backstop, survey in the height of the two bullet back stops to ascertain the height ( inspectors calculate using slope calculations,  we will submit our survey data which is far more accurate). We require the use again of heavy earth moving equipment to trim the backstop slopes. This is planned for the fall to have every thing ready for next year’s inspection (2023).

Due to the extremely wet spring, we have a mosquito problem, bring bug spray.

Remember, only sign in to one (1) log book, also your visitor must give his birth date.

Help keep the range clean, what you bring it, pack it out.

Check the web site before going to the range. It is updated daily for range closures.

Maintenance will be now be carried out on Thursdays from 10 am to noon



A directors meeting was held in Nigadoo on April 20 to discuss the opening of the range operations for the 2022 season.  Attending were Sylvain Richer (president), Marco Scichilone (vp), Ron Chamberlain (2-vp) and secretary/treasurer claude chiasson.

We still are under covid rules, subject to change as the chief medical officer and CFO of the province dictates. For this reason, the directors will not meet on a monthly basis but only when necessary.  After 5 years our liability insurance with the SFC has gone up by almost 50%, at lot less than other companies involved in gun club insurance. It is getting to the point that we might be un-insurable.

Gate lock has been changed to new 2022 season.  We plan on letting the road open naturally as the past 2 seasons, appx early May. We will require maintenance prior to the general opening and will e-mail the membership when the range is fully functional. .

Over the winter 4 new pistol benches with deflector screens were built by Ron Chamberlain & John Stewart.  The pistol range was designed for 8 shooters as per RCMP specifications (height of tables and width of 4 feet).  Remember to keep social distancing when inside the pistol range. If you cannot, you must wear a mask.  KEEP IN MIND the pistol range was designed according to the Range Act and Standards by the RCMP and built way before covid rules

Both the 25m pistol & 100m rifle ranges are due for inspections next year (2023). We are planning to carry out necessary work required for the inspection this year while we have the necessary funds and volunteers???.  This will require heavy earth moving equipment to reshape both bullet stops and the safety berm. Also, we plan on adding crushed rock around our storage shed for a fire break and will try to repair the road between the main gate the stream.  Range inspection also requires brushing out & replacing the warning signs for our range boundary. New red range flags were ordered along with two 3’ wide rakes to help in shaping the slope of the berms.  We will be adding another row of 6” x 6” Hemlock beams to the rifle range bullet stop to make sure we have the proper height requirements.

Plans are to offer (by Ron Chamberlain) 22 rifle shooting on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. We will e-mail membership later for suggestion’s on the type ( 3 position, paper, steel silhouette, competition, etc. )   

REMEMBER, MANDATORY,  sign the log book for INSURANCE & COVID reasons


2020 AGM Minutes, Dec,. 5 2021

Knights Of Columbus Hall

432 Principal, Petit  Rocher, NB


1)    call the meeting to order by President Sylvain Richer

2)    WELCOMED members,

3)    Establish if quorum of 10% was met, YES, 25 members present, required 18 for quorum

             we can have elections

4)    Introduce Board

5)    Presidents’ comments on the past year

- successful year

- Range opened naturally april 24

- we had 676 visits to the range-under covid rules they were no club events held and board meetings were by email/phone.

- we supplied over 800 paper targets free of charge to the shooters which were paid for from the sale of fired brass.

-  this year we raised $2525 from range rental

- therefore, membership rates will not change this year, reg $75, $50 seniors & students^

- We added the Pistol Range Building to our Insurance Policy.

- others comments??

6)    Set ground rule (bilingual meeting)

One (1) person speaks at a time

To speak Raise your hand and wait to be recognised by the chair

State your name & membership



Reports by the Secretary/treasurer

To speed the AGM Meeting up and save time, Except for motions & elections we will take a more casual approach to the process.  The membership in attendance will simply be asked to approve or disapprove.   All, in favor ??? yes or no

7) First order of business, Approval of the 2020 AGM minutes as posted on our web site  

Remark, this is to verify that the posted minutes of the last AGM reflect what actually happened, or if they are major errors or missing information THAT MUST BE CORRECTED? Are there any corrections or omissions to the 2020 AGM minutes that were posted on our web site and must be fixed?

Since they are no corrections, the minutes of the 2020 AGM are approved.




8)     Financial (up to Dec.5,2021)

TO NOTE:  Tha cut off date for yearly finacials will be the date of the AGM. All transctions after this date including banking will be posted after Jan 1 of the new year.  ALSO NOTE FINANCIALS WILL NOT BE REPORTED ON OUR WEB SITE

9)  -   Covid 19 rules for 2022, THE 2021 COVID RULES are still in effect but will be updated the spring as per NB Health rules in force


10)  NEW BUSINESS (2022)

10-1 VISITOR, GUEST POLICY (visitor is a non-shooting spectator, Guest is a shooting guest)

Members may have Immediate Family   as visitors or shooting guests ONLY if they reside at the same address or are directly related to the member (children, parents, brothers, sisters). 

Only the club members firearms may be used (transportation permit is only valid for club member).

ONLY 1 Shooter at a time, either the member or guest may use a firearm.

The Member is responsible for SUPERVISING the Guest Shooter.

The Guest Shooter MUST HAVE A VALID PAL (federal firearm permit), the only exception are children 12 to 16  years of age with direct adult supervision  All in Favor ??? yes


10-2     PISTOL RANGE - the pistol range was designed for 8 shooters but can only accommodate 4 shooters due to covid -19 rules.  WE plan on building 4 more tables & brass deflectors screens to be ready for 8 shooting platforms when covid rules are relaxed. Our VP Ron Chamberlain with the help of member John Stewart are willing to supply the labor free of charge to the club.  Cost appx $350 All in favor ?? yes

10-3       2023 INSPECTION - Both our pistol & rifle range are due for inspection/certification in 2023.  We require heavy equipment rework the berm between the pistol & rifle range and fix the slopes to the proper angle. Also, the safety boundary must be brushed out & the signage replaced. We would like to carry out the work in 2022 so to be ready for the 2023 inspection.  Last year we couldn’t find heavy equipment to place crushed rock around the storage unit, job considered too small for most companies. We have the funds available, we proposed to guarantee 2-3 days or work for the for rental of back-hoe, loader and truck. We will guarantee the time to a contractor to get the equipment. Plan on fixing berms, backstops, building fire breaks and adding more crushed rock at the main gate and the road to the creek. All in favor??? Yes,   


10-4    BRUSH SAW - We would like to purchase a brush saw (appx value of $1200), this would be used to clear brush from around the berms, roads, ditches and our range boundary line.  It would be stored in town for safe keeping. Reason for purchase, instead of rental. Rentals are not always available and requires pick up & return while a club purchase would allow for short period of use, example 2-3 hrs over a long time, say a week.  Volunteers are getting older and basically an 8 hour work day is not possible.  All in favor??? Yes, as long as 3 estimates are received

10-5     Events- Covid permitting, we are planning on having supervised .22 rim fire,  3 position shooting on weekends using open sights or scope from  25m, 50m, 100m distance, Designed for the beginner to expert   all in favor ??? yes

10-6     Range Road Opening - We do not plan to open the range road before May 1st at the earliest. The main access road to the range gate must be down to gravel before we consider opening the road.  All in favor?? Yes


10-7     CCFR DONATION - Again this year with the new gun laws being but into force by the Liberal order in counsel we propose to donate  $ 500.00 to the CCFR (Canadian Coalition Firearm Rights)  to help fund their challenge  the courts to protect our gun rights. All  in favor ??? yes.  Check will be mailed Jan. ,1st, 2022


11)  ELECTIONS, prospective candidate must have been a continuous member for the past 2 years and seconded by a current member.   No one challenged for any of the board positions therefore status quo for 2022-2023, Re-elected are:

Sylvain Richer-President, Marco Scichilone- 1str Vice-President, Ronald Chamberlain – 2nd Vice-President et claude e chiasson secretary / treasurer



3:05pm   meeting adjourned